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Okay, so just to clear things up, we have already established the fact that 1992 was a year of major change in my young teenage life… we moved to Rock Springs, Wyoming where I started my senior year of High School, ended up dropping out and getting my G.E.D., started a lifelong obsession with my family’s genealogy, joined several Star Trek® and Pern® fan clubs, and to top it all off, began writing amateur fan fiction for both the Star Trek® and Pern® fan clubs that I had joined. I have always loved writing short stories and fiction. English was one of my favorite classes all throughout school and I still have almost all of my stories that I wrote throughout the years, as well as my research papers. Many of the papers that I wrote for my research topics generally centered around one subject, Native Americans. It was a subject that I considered myself an expert and still to this day continue to study the Native American Indians, more specifically the plains Indians. At one point, I had aspirations to become either an Archaeologist or an Anthropologist but those plans changed, don’t really remember why, but they did.

While I was a member of the USS Stellar Wind and the SS Nexus, Star Trek® fan clubs in STARFLEET, I was heavily involved with the fan fiction of the chapter and at times, involved in the administration of that process. The Stellar Wind had more of a coordinated fiction than the Nexus, but both were in the same eras. Over the years I have continued with my Fiction and in 2000 branched out to write my own fiction set in universes of my creation. Sometime in the near future, I plan on publishing my Star Trek© Fan Fiction here on to have as a reference, and will of course be publishing my principle works as well.

Principle works? Well, now I write my own fiction, based upon worlds and universes of my creation, a bye product of my years of Star Trek® fan fiction. While writing fiction on the Stellar Wind, I ended up creating my own planet and race of people to use in my fiction and this eventually let me to create my own universe that I could play in without any restrictions such as were imposed on Star Trek® fan fiction. I actually have used most of the characters from my Star Trek® fan fiction in my science fiction series, The Journey, set in a galaxy far, far away with its own unique planets, solar systems, and planets is full of underhanded scheming and plotting from within a government that grown too large and quite corrupt. For more information on The Journey, see the link on this website, from there you will be able to find out anything you’d ever want to know about the Journey.

From the creation of my universe set in a science fiction environment, I created another one in another of my favorite genres, fantasy fiction. I have idolized and romanticized the medieval era since I was young, especially the high renaissance period of King Henry VIII and his daughter, Queen Elizabeth I. So, naturally, I have created a world in that environment known as Urasia. Along with the new world, I have created kingdoms, principalities, and empires as well as the people and cultures to populate those territories. I have even created the religions for Urasia, with one being predominant over the planet. For more information on The Prophecies, see the link on this website, from there you will be able to find out anything you’d ever want to know about the Prophecies.

Lastly, a couple of years ago, I began playing with a new concept for a book, one that I probably should have developed years ago as its truly something I know a lot about… Native Americans and being gay. While I’m not necessarily an expert on the Native Americans, I have studied them since I was a child so I feel pretty confident that I can write a book on them and I can honestly say that I’m pretty close to being an expert on being gay… having been out of the closet now for 22 years, I have a little experience on the subject. I have modelled my natives after the tribes of the plains for both the main group of natives, their allies, and their enemies. For more information on the Passions of the Two-Spirits, see the link on this website, from there you will be able to find out anything you’d ever want to know about the Passions of Two-Spirits.

S Adam Day

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