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The Prophecies
The following is an excerpt from the 1st Novel in the Series... The Making of a Man.

“Father, please join us, I must talk to both of you.” Richana said motioning him to sit at the table in front of the hearth, which was quite warm and welcoming. “Tis about Ralmar’s newest child, Keylan,” Richana said as Majan sat down with the two of them, looking from one to the other as she spoke. “He is by far the most powerful Lokyr that I have ever come into contact with in my life, especially one at birth.”

“But mother, you have said that about each of my children, that they will be powerful Lokyr and that we must guard them well.” Ralmar countered, remembering the birth of each of his children. He let his memory drift back to the birth of his first child, from his beloved wife, now deceased.

“Aye, tis true that I have said that at each birth, but none thus far have ever talked to me while they were in the womb.” Richana said pausing briefly while looking at Ralmar. “Aye, you heard me correctly my son. Keylan talked to me through the link I held with your wife. He informed me of his name and asked me who Mivan was?” Again, she paused. “I was taken aback by his question and informed him that he is the God of our hearts and he said no grandmother, He is the bringer of the Light and the Keeper of all that is to come and has been. Mivan is our Lord of Lords and the salvation that is to come.” Richana said to the two men, looking again from one to the other to gage their reactions to what she said Keylan had told her.

Majan spoke first, “He said what… Lady Richana?” Majan queried shaking his head in disbelief.

“That He is the bringer of the Light and the Keeper of all that is to come and has been. Mivan is our Lord of Lords and the salvation that is to come.” Richana repeated for the Bishop of Kosia.

“Holy Mivan.” Was all Majan could say as he looked into the hearth with a distant look.

“Mother, are you saying that he spoke to you, had a conversation with you and then corrected you when he felt you did not give the correct answer?” Ralmar asked of his mother.

“Aye,” she smiled, “that’s exactly what I’m saying.”

“Majan, what does it mean to you?” Ralmar asked of his Bishop and the personal confessor of the House of Kosia for nearly fifty years.

Sorry for just the tease, but at this time the site is being redesigned and it not available. Once the site is ready with the pages repopulated the link to the site about The Prophecy will be here with a brief overview of the Prophecy, rather than just a little teaser.

S Adam Day

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