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The Passions of a Two-SpiritThe following is an excerpt from the 1st Novel in the Series... Small Elk's Vision.

Laughing Bull, sitting in the place of honor as Running Bear entered the hide tent, motioned him to sit beside him as he was already packing his pipe for his early morning smoke.

“Greetings father” Running Bear said in the traditional greeting of the people. Laughing Bull nodded with a big grin on his face.

“My first grandchild comes.” Laughing Bull commented, a man of few words but generally words of great wisdom.

As Laughing Bull lit the pipe, another soft rap could be heard on the leather hide, “Greetings Laughing Bull, it is I, Grey Elk.” The soft gentle voice of the Keeper of the Skins could be heard.

“Come old friend, come in and join us,” Laughing Bull urged as he motioned his youngest son Squirrel to open the flap for Grey Elk. “Greeting uncle,” Laughing Bull said to Elk, who although was not his uncle, was his elder by ten years, as a term of respect to the older man.

“I hear Yellow Tail is in labor.” Elk said making a statement to break the ice. “Little Grey Elk will be here soon enough Running Bear. The Great Spirit has given me a vision.” Elk paused to let the importance of his words settle with Running Bear. A look of surprise slowly formed on Bear’s face as he realized Grey Elk had informed him of the sex of his child about to into the world. Grey Elk smiled, “as I said, the Great Spirit has shared with me.” He said taking the pipe from Laughing Bull, taking a deep puff of the pungent herbs Bull had packed in the pipe for his morning smoke.

By this time, all of Bull’s other children had risen and his next eldest daughter, Sparrow was starting to cook breakfast for the family as her mother was busy with her elder sister. His two youngest sons rose slowly wiping the sleep from their eyes as they left to relieve themselves. His youngest daughter Magpie Girl, who lived with Yellow Tail and Running Bear came to get Bear to greet his son.

Bear again looked at Elk in disbelief that his news could be true. He was somewhat fearful of Elk as his band hadn’t had a two-spirit in generations and the only one he ever knew was in the other band of the Eastern Forest Tribe, the larger of the two bands, the one with the tribal chief, Running Grey Fox, a man of great wisdom in Bears opinion. The two spirit in that band had been the Holy Man, a very majestic and broad man fraught with age and greying at the temple. Walking Dove Man had been the Holy Man of the Eastern Forest Tribe long before Running Bear had been born, twenty winters before and he had never had much interaction with him.

Bear’s father was the bow maker for Owl’s band of the tribe, a man that many sought to craft them a bow. Stands Like A Bear’s bows were made with such care and talent that his skills were known throughout the entire nation of the people. He had a disdain for the two-spirits however, something that happened in his youth that he hadn’t forgotten. He shared that disdain with his three sons and so Running Bear was a little apprehensive around Grey Elk but had learnt over the past two years to accept the man and honor his skills.

Grey Elk was not only the Keeper of the Skins, but had a gift from the Great Spirit. The gift of names. Most of the bands children had been named by him for nearly twenty summers now, when he took over the position upon the death of his mentor Old Grey Elk. The name itself many had noted was passed on from mentor to successor and almost always for this band of the Southern Plains Tribe it was held by a two-spirit.

I know this is just a tease, but at this time the site is being redesigned and it not available. Once the site is ready with the pages repopulated the link to the site about The Passions of the Two-Spirits will be here with a brief overview of the Passions, rather than just a little teaser.

S Adam Day

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