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The Journey
The following is an excerpt from the 1st Novel in the Series... Life's Journey.

From a loud speaker, Aidan heard a rather familiar voice. “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present the new Deputy Commander of Space Station Carnak Prime, Rear Admiral Aidan Domal and his twin sons, the Lord Adel Domal and the Lord Aidan Domal.”

Aidan felt the heat rise as his skin flushed a bright cherry red realizing how he was announced to the crowd. He knew it would be coming, a promotion to cover the deception necessary to allow a Deputy Commander of a Station to have Admiral's and Ship's Captains reporting to him. It was all quite logical and well planned Aidan noted to himself to chastise his great-grandfather on his next visit to Deslok. Aidan searched out the voice from the stage and realized he had known the voice, none other than the infamous Mootani himself in the flesh. As he approached the Captain's table with his son's, he was greeted by Mootani.

“Aidan, my son, how has life been treating you?” Mootani said, smiling as he embraced Aidan.

“Quite well. Thank you Tani.” Aidan replied using his personal nickname for Mootani. The man was quite impressive in both personality and stature and had known Aidan for his entire life. Mootani was even older than his great-grandfather but you couldn’t tell it, he looked to be around forty, give or take a few years and had been in the entertainment industry for nearly two hundred years.

“Oh my, I haven’t heard that name in ages.” Mootani said embracing Aidan. “Who are these two strapping young lads?” He said bending down to shake Aidan’s son’s hands.

“Hello, sir.” The twins said in unison. “I am Adel.” “And I’m Aidan.” The boys said smiling from ear to ear.

“Well, Adel… Aidan… I am Mootani and this is my establishment.” The boys smiled at him while he tussled their hair as he lifted each into a chair, “And this is the Ship’s Captain, Rear-Admiral Aderian and this is his beautiful wife, Aneika.” Mootani continued with the introductions around the table as the servers quietly placed drinks and salads around for everyone to begin.

“Thank you Mootani,” Admiral Aderian said rising from his chair. “Now, as is customary, please pause with me in a moment of silence and lift your hearts to Maltar that he may hear our prayers and bless this bounty that we are about to receive.” Timalin paused, “Blessed be.” He said finishing as everyone joined him in finishing the prayer to Maltar. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in a saluting the newly promoted Rear-Admiral,” Timalin said raising his glass in salute to Aidan.

“Thank you Timalin, it’s truly an honor to serve my aunt… May Maltar’s will guide her justice and peace.” Aidan said raising his glass in the time honored tradition of praising the Supreme Sovereign.

Sorry for just the tease, but at this time the site is being redesigned and it not available. Once the site is ready with the pages repopulated the link to the site about The Journey will be here with a brief overview of the Journey, rather than just a little teaser.

S Adam Day

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