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Basic Cooking Tips & Techniques
There are tons of resources out there, use the internet wisely to discover what you always wanted to know about cooking. Go to your nearest internet browser and search until you find the tip youíre needing or simply just to learn something new or refresh yourself on a technique you havenít used in a while. The great thing about living in today's modern era is that you can find multiple resources on one simply subject. If you're wanting to know how to make a pan sauce to pour over that stuffed pork chop you can find hundreds of different techniques on that one subject that are all alike yet different. Search til you find the one that you like the best and then use it and make it your own by adding your own spin on things.

*Real Simple: Life Made Easier - How to Fix 17 Basic Cooking Mistakes - http://www. This site gives you basic information on how to fix simple, but common mistakes the average cook makes, such as boiling your pasta in a pot that is too small which results in sticky, gummy pasta.

*Food Networks 100 Greatest Tips - This list is an all-inclusive list of tips by some of Food Networks most famous chefs and cooks. Most are quite simple and just down right plain common sense.

*About Food - Culinary Arts Basics - fundamentals/u/ thebasics.htm This site is a cooks treasure trove. It includes everything from dealing with cross contamination to knife skills to the how to make basic sauces and stocks even to basic culinary terms.

*MetroParent - Cooking Tips for Absolute Beginners - food/cooking-with-kids/cooking-tips-absolute-beginners/ Metro Parent gives you the low down on some very basics for a cook or chef.

*SF Gate - 10 Techniques Every Cook Should Know - 10-techniques-every-cook-should-know-3205179.php The SF Gate site is unique in that it has videos that actually show you how to perform these basic techniques, rather than just tell you.

*The Daily Meal - How to Decorate a Cake - This link is to a video that shows you a simple and easy way to decorate a cake worthy of a professional baker.

*Sodapic - 22 Kitchen Cheat Sheet Guides on Basic Techniques - Sodapic provides some amazing charts that detail basic conversions of measurements and the basics of cooking and baking. As well as information such as the cuts of meats, the basics of a knife and much, much more.

I'm not going to list any recipes here as there are too many sources to list and in doing so I might leave one out. The best resource again in the internet. Go there. Search.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of recipes available online. Use your favorite browser and search until you find the recipe that you want, and again, make it your own. Add your personal flare to it. Add that favorite ingredient to it that you love to find in a dish.

Cooking Supplies & Equipment
*Real Simple - Has objects and gadgets for even the most discerning cook, Amateur or Professional.

*Sur La Table - Another amazing resource for any cook, or even as a gift for your favorite cook.

*World Market - Last but certainly not least, another awesome resource to find that new gadget for your cooking adventures.

Please remember, these are just a few resource and that on the internet you can literally find hundreds of sites selling anything and everything ranging from kitchen knives to speciality devices and pans.

S Adam Day

This page was last updated: May 23, 2015 by Red Earth, PLP