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History and Politics? Yes, I love history and politics, which is why my major in college was Political Science with a minor in Art. My problem however was that I became delusional about finishing my education as worked full time while attending college at Wal-Mart, Stores Inc. in Rock Springs, Wyoming, with several team mates who had bachelor degrees, some with masters, and one even with a dual bachelors but were making the same amount of money as anyone else working for Wal-Mart. It was and still is hard sometimes to find a job and if you havenít chosen a field that is financially productive when you graduate, youíll never make it in the real-world. So, I ended up leaving college behind with three years under my belt and now 20 plus years later, I donít regret it, but do wonder sometimes what I could have done with a college education.

We know that since I was a young boy I have loved studying the American West, but I have also loved studying American history in general, especially since I know my motherís family has been here since the 1650s. Iíve loved studying how they lived their lives, how society operated at the birth of our nation, studying the relationships between people at the times, and just life during that era in general. My motherís family that has been here that long immigrated from England which has always been another fascination of mine, English history of the late 14th Century into the mid-15th Century. I have loved reading and studying about King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I, she has always been one of favorite personal heroes. I have loved her story since I was little, the struggle to be her own person against all odds and quite honestly against all that was considered normal at the time. She refused to marry a man, instead stayed wed to her country, her people, her England. She instilled a love of country in her fellow Englishmen and a since of pride into her people.

I have also loved studying ancient China and the period of the Three Kingdoms. I have always been fascinated with the aspect that man had so much knowledge and technology and then lost it, found it again, and lost it again before the modern eras. At one point I was serious considering a career in Archaeology or Anthropology, either I would have loved and honestly feel that I would have been a good archaeologist. I could have taught. I could have worked in the field researching the past and the treasures that it holds for us as a society. I could have written books regarding my research topicsÖ oh wait, Iím about to do that, so I guess I already am writing one!

My other fascination has been with politics. I have loved early American politics and medieval politics for as long as I can remember. I have been fascinated with the early Republics and Monarchies studying their method of governing, wondering what it would have been like to live in that era without all of our modern technology. I have been amazed at how seemingly simple our forefathers in America made it when they came together and worked out a compromise to found this nation, breaching the divide between several factions making it work. Whereas today, we seem to be unable to even come together to provide the country with a balanced budget, let alone as a society to work towards the common good.

Itís always seemed that no matter their political differences they were always able to come together peacefully and work on the problem that faced the nation. Of course, everything had to happen at a slower pace back then as there was not modern technologies that allowed the quick dissemination of information as we have today, which isnít always a good thing. They had time to ponder and think upon issues and form their own opinion before a media outlet persuaded everyone differently with their misinformation campaigns.

The other type of government that has fascinated me has been a monarchy and the feudal system. I know that some of my ancestors served noble kings and have always been intrigued as to what that might have been like to live in the era. What was the climate like? Was it cold? Were the conditions really as deplorable as they seem? What ultimately led the downfall of the feudal system? Was it truly because of mans greed, his love of power and money? I actually still have family back in the old countries and wonder what it would be like to meet them somedayÖ just dreams and wishful thinking of an old man at this point Iím afraid.

S Adam Day

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