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Old Fashion ComputerIn September 1989, my freshman year of high school, my great-grandmother Fulton passed away. That Christmas, my parents invested in the first family computer (mine), a Tandy 1000. I absolutely loved it. My lifetime obsession/passion for computer games began at that time and to this day, I still love playing computer games.

I have been an avid fan of several game franchise and gaming companies since I got that first computer. I have loved KOEI Computer Games as well as Maxis Computer Games since 1989 when I bought the first installment of Sim City (Maxis) and the three add-on packs for it and Romance of the Three Kingdoms (KOEI).

Sim City was a real-time City Builder Strategy game that was enthralling to say the least and has spawned numerous off-shoots and has gone from Sim City 2, to Sim City 3000, to Sim City 4, to the current version Sim City 2013. Sim City has numerous mods and expansions and has provided me with hours and hours of fun and entertainment over the years.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a turn based strategy game that is now in its eleventh installment in English and is based upon the Ancient China era of the Three Kingdoms. It's gone from a simple monochromatic game to full color characters, battles, and exchanges. It even spawned its own spin off, Dynasty Warriors, which bases all of its characters of those from the RTK3 era. KOEI also came out with another popular game while I was in college (1993-1996) called Unchartered Waters which at that time was only avaialable on SNES but is now as an Online MMORPG. UWO is based upon the renaissance era trade and exploration of the new worlds.

I have also been an avid fan of another Maxis game franchise since its birth, The Sims. The Sims is now in the 4th installment and has grown with each installment in fun and in the broad spectrum of simulation gaming. The Sims is a life simulation game that allows you to create a character, build their home, get them a job, and live their daily life. They can get married, have kids, get a divorce, and even die to be careful of the actions of your Sim.

In 1991, I fell in love with another franchise called Civilization. It is a turn based strategy game that allows you to develop a fledgling civilization from its infancy until the growth and and expansion into the modern era. Civilization is now in its 5th installment with multiple expansions, add-ons, and tons and tons of mods for the game. There has even been two spin offs, Colonization and Alpha Centauri. The Civ franchise and several others were all created by Sid Meier's and another favorite of his creation is the Railroad franchise.

Modern Computer I have also over the years been an avid fan of any game Star Trek or any game Star Wars. I have a vast collection of Star Trek games and two of my favorites are Birth of the Federation and Star Trek Online. BotF is a turn based strategy game where you play as one of the Star Trek civilizations and develop them from a fledgling civilization til they are the predominant civilization in the galaxy. STO is a real-time online MMORPG where you assumed the role of a character in either the Federation, the Klingon Empire or as a Romulan Star Empire character and move your character through the various ranks, captain different ships, explore the galaxy, help invent new technologies. STO is a fun and exciting new game and helps Star Trek fans live out their ultimate fantasy... captain your own ships and boldly go where no fan has gone before.

I'm also an avid history buff and love playing historical games such as Europa Unervasalis (I own all 4 installments and most of the add-ons); Crusader Kings I & II, and I do own all of the installments for them; and Victoria. I love games set in the medieval era and also enjoy Star Wars games of any kind, but my favorite would have to be Star Wars the Old Republic, an MMORPG of which I was a beta tester.

S Adam Day

This page was last updated: April 20, 2015 by Red Earth, PLP