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Sherman Adam Day1992 was the year of new beginnings for meÖ we moved in the middle of the summer from Perryton, Texas to Rock Springs, Wyoming where I started my senior year of High School; I ended up dropping out of High School and getting my G.E.D.; I joined several Star Trekģ fan clubs and a Pern fan club; and last but not least and probably the most important for this brief history lesson, I became interested in my familyís genealogy. Seeing as I wasnít in school, I didnít really have much to keep me occupied other than my computer games and writing my Star Trekģ and Pernģ fan fiction, as I was completely unable to find a job that year, I began my journey as a Family Genealogist. I was in one of the prime locations for researching genealogy as well as the Mormon Church had three churches in Rock Springs, one with a family research center that I was able to use and back in the day, everything was by paper, US Mail, and a lot of luck. I remember writing my great-aunt Jo asking about our family genealogy who hand wrote multiple pages for me of the records that she knew as her records were in storage. That little spark flamed a curiosity that still to this day has not be quenched. Only now, Iím not just researching my motherís fatherís family, the Hargues Clan. I have branched out and below, Iíll give a brief overview of each family and why Iím searching.

James Alred Hargues FamilyThe Hargues ClanÖ originally I was only researching one of my family names, the Hargues name, as we were searching for the proverbial needle in the hay stack, literally. I was always told stories from the time I was a little boy that we came from Indian decent, but no one could ever say when, who it was, or what tribe even. It was during this time period that I found another branch of the family. When we moved to Rock Springs we had to stay in a motel for almost 6 weeks as our furniture went travelling across the US before it came back to us, which sucked but was still an experience, not one that I really want to repeat mind you, but an experience nonetheless. One of my motherís brotherís had also transferred up there at the same time and was in the same situation as usÖ being stuck in the motel. One other family was in the same predicament as us and in that time we all became close and in doing so found out that the wife of the man that worked with my father and my uncle was our cousin. Wow how the world is a small place. Come to find out, my great-great grandfather, John Wesley Hargues had married 4 wives, the first three all dying shortly after child birth or a few years after until he met his fourth wife, Paulina Lucinda Scott Thornborough, whose first husband had died several years before. She married John Wesley who had one surviving daughter, Ruby and she herself had two children, which is where the kinship with the new cousin came from, her great-grandmother was one of those daughters from the previous Thornborough marriage. Iím still searching to this day the kinships and family history of John Wesley Hargues, whom Iíve since discovered was the grandson of a Cherokee Indian Princess, although we still donít know her Indian name. Iíve also found that the Hargues Clan, which was formerly Hargus, Hargiss, Hargasse, and Hargis moved to the Americas around 1650 from England. So if you have any photos, stories, and information you would like to share please contact me today to let me know.

Fulton Family 4 GenerationsThe Day ClanÖ Iíve seen multiple publications, pamphlets, and photos about Dadís fatherís family, the Days. My grandparents have even written out their autobiographies for each of us grandchildren, of which they only had six. I plan to retype them, add the pictures they included and add to it and expand upon it to a part of the Day/Fulton History. Grandma Day was a Fulton, so Iíll be adding their information in as well. Iím truly hoping to complete one of my familyís books sometime this year. The Day family was some of the original settlers of Kanas while it was still a territory and fought with due diligence to ensure that Kansas would remain a free state. They fought against the southerners trying to keep their slaves and dadís ancestors served as a Congressman in the great State of Kansas as well as a County Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Chief of Police, and a Businessman. The family is still in southeastern Kansas to this day as well and thriving. The Fulton family however is another story. My grandmother was an only child so I donít know much about the family but am still looking to see what can be found.

Grandpa and Grandma KaukThe Kauk ClanÖ my motherís fatherís motherís family, the Kaukís moved from Russia in the late 1800ís to South Dakota, where they then moved to Nebraska and finally to western Oklahoma, to the Leedie and Butler area to be exact and the family can still be found in all three of those places today as well as in Russia, and Germany where they originated. They had migrated to Russia under false pretenses from the Tsarina Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great whom had seduced people to move to Russia with the hopes of finding new riches, prosperity, and happiness only to be suppressed by the Russian nobility which was finally coming into its own. They lived there for 150 years before the family migrated to America. I multiple stories and accounts of the familyís life back in the days both here in the United States and in Russia. I am still searching and hope to find more information about the early family.

Thompson Family 5 GenerationsFinally, Iíve recently begun researching the Thompson ClanÖ my motherís maternal family. Itís been a fairly new interest for me and Iíve discovered quite a bit of information and have been busy working on compiling everything, processing photos and records and in doing so made a discovery that is quite unfortunate. Vital Records such as birth, death, and marriage certificate while they are almost always the absolute best resource donít always have accurate information. I have discovered that in two instances of my research of my family histories. My maternal paternal great grandfatherís death certificate is filled with erroneous errors that are no fault of the state, but of the person who served as the information upon his death, his second wife whom was quite illiterate and ignorant of the facts of his life, primarily because he was almost 60 when he married his second wife who was in her mid-thirties, younger than all of his own children and they even had a child together when he was 60. She reported information that was incorrect for his own name, his fatherís name, and that of his mother. The other instance was in my motherís maternal side, my great grandmother had one name on her birth & death certificate and when my aunt informed for my maternal grandmother she listed her grandmother (my great grandmother in question) as having a different name than that of her birth name. These errors make recording and working on your genealogy fun and exciting to say the leastÖ my best advice, research, research, research. Make sure you have fact checked, again and again and again to ensure that you are accurate in your pursuit of your family history.

S Adam Day

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