The Second Coming

Well, the Second Coming has now come and gone, so, I’m a year older. Am I the better for it, yes, of course but not necessarily any wiser or I don’t seem to be. I enjoyed my birthday. Although I had to work, I still had fun nonetheless and ended up with nearly 250 birthday wishes on my Facebook account… pretty darn good if you ask me.

By the way, if you’d like to see the Second Coming link, please direct your browsers to Here you will see the all there is behind the Numerology of Adam and my birthday.

It’s been a very production week and a half for me as well. I’ve managed to complete all of the Star Trek section and in doing so worked hard with K.A. on some graphics designs for some chapters to update their logos and tweak a few that needed some minor enhancements. I was then able to fill out the pages detailing my life in Star Trek over the past 21 years of my life from 1992 til 2013, quite the fandom career if you ask me.

I’ve also managed to complete the Artwork link putting up a small selection of my high school and college work from many, many years ago. I can’t believe it but its been 22 years this May since I graduated from high school. Crazy, right? I have also worked hard on my Computer Gaming link detailing some of my all-time favorite computer games that I have been playing since 1989 for some and have continued to play all of their offshoots, remakes and reincarnations of whatever form they have now taken. I honestly just love to play computer games and have even taken a break from them to work on my site so I can get it back up and completely operational.

Tonight (May 6th) I finalized the Cooking link detailing my love of cooking and baking and have  given you a few of my favorite recipes that I enjoy making. Well, tomorrow will be back to the grind for the Politics and History link giving you my viewpoints on the two subjects and hopefully Friday I can work up most of the Genealogy information that will be full of pictures and information. So, until next time, I bid you peace to you and  yours!

How Time Flies

My oh my, how time truly does fly. The past week and a half has just zipped by without even a thank you, hello, or goodbye. But, I keep hearing it, and in all honesty as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized its completely true… the old saying that as you get older time goes by faster. Boy how that is ever true. I just seems like yesterday that I was celebrating my 40th Birthday and now, less than a week away another is looming in the air.

It just doesn’t seem possible that I’m gonna be 41, but its true nonetheless. Do I feel old, not most of the time, but there are those times when I know I’m old because of something that is said or done in front of a young whipper snapper who has no clue what that was or what it meant. I’ve definitely seen my fair share of time and for the most part feel that I have aged with grace, not necessarily finesse, but grace.

An update for the website… I’ve been very busy fleshing it out. I’m completely done now with three sections and even have the wonderful miss Mary Helen Vela helping me proof the site for grammar and punctuation and readability. #MaryHVelaIsGreat. I’ve completed the WWW.SAdamDay.Net section, which is the basics for the site. The Home (Index), the Contact page, the Copyright to cover myself and others, the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions for the site. These are just basic to keep me inline and to help others.

I’ve also completed the All About Adam section which is, well, all about me! Yeah! I’ve updated my autobiography and in all honesty it could use a little more as I’ve left out some of the more recent information. I’ve updated the Basics About Adam, which gives you the insight into my favorite foods, colors, and such. I’ve completed the Favorite Authors and Favorite Music section with basics about each of my favorite authors and musicians as well as a brief background on their works and how to find them. Just in case you might find them as enjoyable as I have over the years of course.

I’ve also completed the Favorite Scriptures and Quotes section with my favorites truly being there as well as my favorite poem. The last section of the All About Adam is my outlook on Spirituality. I know, I know, you’re shocked. You’re totally surprised, Adam is spiritual. Well, honestly, yes, I am. I just don’t wear my religion around my neck, on my cuff, or broadcast it on a loudspeaker daily. I don’t need to. My relationship that I have with God is very personal and one that I have daily conversations, sometime more than just a few with Him. He truly has helped me through some very dark times in my life just as I’m sure he has many, many others. He will provide if you let Him.

Enough of the sermon and more on about my website. I’ve also completed the Fandom… Enjoying Life section. This one was fun and challenging to complete as some of the resources are now quite hard to find as the clubs that I was a member of are now defunct and have gone the way side, many,  many years ago.  The Deryni fandom section was a walk through memory lane as I love her books and will be pulling them out later this week to re-read a few of them as I have done so often in the past.

The Political Sims was fun as well and lo and behold I found a new one this week which is very, very similar in design, concept and playability to my all-time favorite, CybeyCitizens. It’s called E-Sim and I’m loving it already. Can’t wait to get more into it. Any-who… back to the page, yet again. I guess it’s a true sign of my age getting distracted so easily. I listed several that are still around as well as a few that have gone bye bye. I finished that section off with a listing about Pern fandom, one of my favorites. I give you an overview about what Pern fandom truly is and how to find some of it if that is your forte.

I’m currently working on the other fandom section, the largest one for me, the one that I have been active in for over 20 years now… Star Trek Fandom. It has truly been an event and I’ve made some lifelong great friends on my journey through fandom. I’ve also lost several this past year, two that went quite frankly way before their time, but the good Lord has a reason, one that we shall never know but it was their time and now, they’re Trekkin on in the afterlife. Peace to you Gary and Adam!

Well, this is gonna have to finish me out for the week and I’ll pick back up on next Saturday, the big day, the Yeah Me Day! Until then, Peace to you and yours… Adam

Welcome to the New Look!

Welcome to the New Look of the WWW.SAdamDay.Net Website, the Online Home of S. Adam Day, a World of Fun & Dreams. Just bare in mind however, it’s Adam’s world of Fun and Dreams so take it as you willand feel fee to comment in a logical, adult, polite manner if  you feel you must comment on one of my posts. In getting the blog and the website back operational I’ve come accross my old blog posts from almost five years ago, my oh my how time flies when  you’re having so much fun. It’s now been almost five years since I started by journey on “No Smoking” and have never once regretted the decision to quit. It’s been a tough journey to say the least and there have been days over the past couple of  years with all that I have gone through that have made me want to quit smotking but I have stood strong and with the good Lord’s help, I have perservered.

I have opted for a new look and in working closely with Red Earth Publishing to build a website to my taste with minimal graphics that will allow even the slowest of connections to load my pages relatively quick. After consulting with the designer for over six hours the past couple of days they have devloped a skeleton site that I have fully approved and look forward to the official launch on May 2, 2015 the official Celebrate S Adam Day Annual Day (my birthday). Most of the actual information will be populated throughout the site fleshing it out over the next two weeks with the front page coming from my Daily Thoughts posts herein the blog.

So for, Happy Spring and enjoy the rest of April safely.