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Star Trek InternationalOn December 17, 1992 my life changed forever... I joined three Star Trek® Fan Clubs: STARFLEET: the International Star Trek Fan Association (Parent Association); the USS Stellar Wing (Correspondence Star Trek Chapter of Starfleet); and Star Trek International, based out of South Africa. I found all three by chance in a science fiction magazine, don't honestly remember the name of it now off of the top of my head but I do believe I still have it in storage, so one of these days I'll dig it out and post the cover here for posterities sake.

Back in those days there was no internet per se, it was still relatively new and definitely not the internet that we know today. If you had an ISP (Internet Service Provider) it was expensive, all dial-up, slow as hell, and text only, no graphics. So you mainly checked your email and were of in a few minutes or less even. The point I'm trying to make here is that when I applied to those organizations, I had to do so through old fashioned paper mail, us the US Snail service and it was sometime in January before I seen my membership packet from the Stellar Wind and about mid-February before I seen anything from STARFLEET or Star Trek International (I'll discuss them on another page.)

From that point forward however, the rest as they say... is history. I was now officially a Star Trek® Fan Club Member, yeah me! Okay, so I've always been a slight geek, this just edged it a litter further in that direction. I officially retired from STARFLEET in December of 2013 after 21 years of active service. Star Trek Fandom just doesn't have the appeal for more anymore that it did back then. I am going to use this page and the next several (Star Trek International & Maquis Forces International to give you an overview of my Star Trek Fandom Career. Hope you enjoy!

USS Jim BridgerIn November of 1994, the first Star Trek: The Next General movie hit the theaters after having been off the air for a year following a 7 year stint that revived Star Trek® and brought it back to the forefront of science fiction fandom. With the premier of the new movie, I found some new Star Trek fans in my job and we joined together to form a new Star Trek fanclub. Originally, we were known as the Snowy Heights, but changed our name by the end of the 1st year to the USS Jim Bridger, in honor of a famous man from Wyoming.

In May of 1996 I moved back to Texas and shortly thereafter helped to found another chapter in Star Trek International and turned over the leadership of the Jim Bridger to the locals, Jackie & Roy Hansen as I had also taken over the helm of Star Trek International as the new Commander of the Fleet upon the retirement of my mentor and longtime Commander, Fleet Admiral Jeanny Driscoll.

Starbase 47In October of 1996, I founded a new meeting chapter of Star Trek International, Starbase 47 that also doubled as the new flagship of the Fleet. As Jeanny had lived across seas it was slow getting the records of the association and once everything arrived, my new chapter, Starbase 47 assisted in the revision of the association documents as they were outdated by 10 years.

The members of the new flagship of the fleet began to assume leadership roles in the organization as well as several of the members of my former chapter, the Jim Bridger. In early 1997 I began a reorganization of Star Trek International, began the process of moving Star Trek International into the 20th Century and had the first website for the organization developed. We revised organization documents, created a membership handbook, certificates, and membership perks for new and renewing members of Star Trek International.

USS TexasIn 2001, I assisted longtime friend Brad Evans in founding his own local chapter of Star Trek International in Canadian, Texas, the USS Texas NCC-61777. It was slow to take hold and get then things moving, but the change finally happened when they opened their arms and proudly became Star Trek International's first LGBT Pride Chapter. Brad brought in one another longtime friend, Samuel Ramzi and together they built a strong member base that spanned further than just Canadian. They had members from Weatherford, Oklahoma to Amarillo, Texas. This new meeting chapter/online chapter format helped form two additional chapters in Star Trek International. The Texas served as the mothership to the USS Amarillo & the USS New Mexico in early 2003.

USS AmarilloJanuary 2003, Brad and I assisted Ryan Jackson and his brother, Aaron in forming their own chapter of Star Trek International based out of Amarillo, Texas. Unfortunately for Brad, they took most of his Amarillo members as the Amarillo was a local meeting only chapter. They focused on fun activities based upon Star Trek, developed their own website and several of their members began volunteering with Star Trek International at the command level. Ryan and Aaron were avid Marine buffs and together they formed the Marines in Star Trek International with Ryan being promoted to Lieutenant General and given the title of Commandant of the Marines of Star Trek International.

Most of the Star Trek International chapters moved over to another Star Trek fan club, the Maquis Forces International in 2002 with Admiral Day when he joined MFI as well. All of the chapters are now members of Sector 47, the offspring of Star Trek International.

S Adam Day

This page was last updated: May 03, 2015 by Red Earth, PLP