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STARFLEET InternationalOn December 17, 1992 my life changed forever... I joined three Star Trek® Fan Clubs: STARFLEET: the International Star Trek Fan Association (Parent Association); the USS Stellar Wing (Correspondence Star Trek Chapter of Starfleet); and Star Trek International, based out of South Africa. I found all three by chance in a science fiction magazine, don't honestly remember the name of it now off of the top of my head but I do believe I still have it in storage, so one of these days I'll dig it out and post the cover here for posterities sake.

Back in those days there was no internet per se, it was still relatively new and definitely not the internet that we know today. If you had an ISP (Internet Service Provider) it was expensive, all dial-up, slow as hell, and text only, no graphics. So you mainly checked your email and were of in a few minutes or less even. The point I'm trying to make here is that when I applied to those organizations, I had to do so through old fashioned paper mail, us the US Snail service and it was sometime in January before I seen my membership packet from the Stellar Wind and about mid-February before I seen anything from STARFLEET or Star Trek International (I'll discuss them on another page.)

From that point forward however, the rest as they say... is history. I was now officially a Star Trek® Fan Club Member, yeah me! Okay, so I've always been a slight geek, this just edged it a litter further in that direction. I officially retired from STARFLEET in December of 2013 after 21 years of active service. Star Trek Fandom just doesn't have the appeal for more anymore that it did back then. I am going to use this page and the next several (Star Trek International & Maquis Forces International to give you an overview of my Star Trek Fandom Career. Hope you enjoy!

USS Stellar Wind NCC-1501On Stardate 19212.17 (December 17, 1992) my journey in STARFLEET International began when I joined SFI and the USS Stellar Wind NCC-1501, a Correspondence Chapter based out of Region 4 initially. Correspondece Chapters back then truly were the definition of Correspondence as the US Mail was the only means of communication, along with phone calls and later, much later via email, which was more expenssive than the US Mail. I started out on the Stellar Wind as a general member with the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class.

Shortly after joining, I completed the Starfleet Academy's Office Training School, which granted me an automatic promotion to Ensign. I actively participated in the Stellar Wind's fictional mission and loved creating characters and co-authorining stories with the other members of the 'Wind. By June of that first year (1993) I had completed the Starfleet Academy's College of Medicine's Basic Exam with Honors and the Officer's Command College and was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

In November of that same year, I was made the Third Officer of the Stellar Wind, an Administrative Officer of the Chapter and was responsible fo the Caring Coupons a correspondence charity program for the chapter. I was also promoted to Commander. In January of 1994, I was promoted to the Second Officer of the chapter and given more administrative tasks (responsibilities). I continued to actively participate in the fiction of the Stellar Wind and now that serves as the base for my own fictional series, The Journey. In September of 1994, I worked with Admiral Lori Brown to found the College of the Liberal Arts in Starfleet Academy and continued in that role until November of 1995 when I resigned after a conflict of opinions with the new Commandant, Bjo Trimble. Yes, the one and only, the mother of Star Trek® was very opnioniated about things and I just felt differently. I still continued in my role on the Stellar Wind and eventually before the 'Wind had decommissioned I was serving as the Executive Officer for the fiction. The Stellar Wind decommissioned in October of 1996 as a chapter in Region 5. I made some lifelong wonderful friends while on the Stellar Wind, John Burt, Allyson MW Dyar, John Buchanan, and Adam Bernay (may he rest in eternal peace.)

USS Palo DuroIt was at that time that I had already moved back to Texas and found a local STARFLEET chapter to join, the USS Palo Duro NCC-61914 based out of Amarillo, Texas, hailing from STARFLEET Region 3. In January of 1997 I joined the Command Staff of the USS Palo Duro as the Chief of Communications for the chapters. As a member of the Command Staff I was responsible for helping make joint decisions for the chapter and for the publication of the monthly newsletter. In February of 1995, I was promoted to Commander, Senior Grade. My time on the Palo Duro however, was short-lived as I had to drive twice a month to Amarillo for the meeting and it quickly became very monantenous. I resigned from the Palo During in October of 1997. Once again, I made some lifelong friendships, with Chuck and Mary Freas.

SS NexusAfter deciding to leave the Palo Duro in October of 1997, I deciced to join another Correspondence Chapter, the Space Station Nexus or SS Nexus for short and one that was completely online. The SS Nexus was based out of Region 5, the Pacific Northwest Region of STARFLEET. I actively participated in the online fan fiction of the SS Nexus and at one time the Nexus was the home of the Chief of Staff of STARFLEET and the Chief of Communications, STARFLEET.

While I on the Nexus, I met back with old time friend Allyson M.W. Dyar and made several new friends, Scott Akers, John Adcock, Joe Broehard, and Todd Brungmans. In 1999, the SS Nexus decommissioned as a chapter of STARFLEET after 5 years of service as one of its founding members, Allyson M.W. Dyar was taking her fiction from the amaetuer level to the professional and her characters were being based out of the universe we were using. So we decommissioned and I moved my membership from the SS Nexus to the USS Jaguar, another Correspondence Chapter.

USS JaguarIn 1999 I joined the USS Jaguar, NCC-74750 of which most of the crew of the former SS Nexus had joined to reunite in fandom. The USS Jaguar was at one poin the home of the Chief of Communications, STARFLEET and the Commandant, STARFLEET Academy. The USS Jaguar had a relatively laid back and easy-going crew. Many participated in IRC chats, participating at various levels throughout STARFLEET in a broad spectrum of activities and just all-around enjoying Star Trek® Fandom in general. I stepped down as a primary member of the USS Jaguar in 2001 to help found my own Correspondence Chapter of STARFLEET.

USS John MarshallIn January of 2001, I along with Susan Davis-Webster, Kevin Webster, Rhonda K. Day, Phillip F. Day, Jerry Hargues, & Amber Hargues and a whole troop of kids (that are all grown now) struck out on our own to form a chapter in STARFLEET. All of us had previously served together in two other fan associations, Star Trek International and Maquis Forces International. We all jointly founded the USS John Marshall NCC-74707.

I served as the Commanding Officer of the John Marshall and it in 2001 that I also was promoted to Captain and joined the staff of STARFLEET Academy ad the Dean of the Cadet College under the guidance of General Scott Akers, the Commandant of the Academy. The John Marshall had a active membership base for our first year and it slowly dwindled by the end of our second year and shortly after we ended up decommissioning in 2004.

USS Franklin LogoI rejoined the USS Jaguar and all of our members that had maintained their membership also transferred to the USS Jaguar at that time as well. The Jaguar was now a very top-heavy chapter with lots of Admiralty and Brass so to speak as several of the members were in key positions within STARFLEET so very little actually happened in the chapter. Everyone joined in the IRC Channels and chatted, did some blogging and assisting with STARFLEET in general. It wasn't until 2010 that we broke back off and began the formation of a new Correspondence Chapter, the USS Franklin NCC-1679. The Franklin was set in the Star Trek Reboot era and was our last hope to rekindle our love of Star Trek. The Franklin had an active membership for two years and then most lost interest completely in Star Trek and I too ended up letting my memberhsip lapse finally in December 2013 after 21 years of active membership.

Starfleet Academy LogoDuring my time in STARFLEET, I co-founded the STARFLEET Special Operations Forces, worked proudly with STARFLEET Academy three times: I served as the Dean of the Cadet Academy under the Akers Administration; served as the founding Director of the College of the Liberal Arts under the Brown/Trimble Administrations; and served as Director of the Academy Alumni Association and the Co-Editor of the Academy Newsletter of the Academy under the Kellough/Pellerin Administrations of the Academy. I also managed to complete, many, many courses throughout my tenure while in STARFLEET and love the friendships that were created a lifetime ago.

S Adam Day

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