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A Government Political Simulation according to Wikipedia is, ďA government simulation or political simulation is a game that attempts to simulate the government and politics of all or part of a nation. These games may include geopolitical situations (involving the formation and execution of foreign policy), the creation of domestic political policies, or the simulation of political campaigns.[1] They differ from the genre of classical war-games due to their discouragement or abstraction of military or action elements.Ē [1] [2]

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to play a multitude of both online Browser Based Political/Life Simulations as well as Forum Based or Play by E-Mail (PbEM) Based Simulations. Probably my most favorite of all time has been Cyber Citizens. It was both a combination of a browser based game and a role-play which only enhanced the game. My next favorite was USA Sim, a US Government based political simulation that was both forum and PbEM based.

CyberCitizens LogoCyber Citizens, while now defunct was a browser based game that allowed role-playing aspects to occur within the realm of the game. You joined a nation, any in the word that you choose and had to do daily actions for your character to earn cash, so that they could eat, buy clothes, a home, etc. You could eventually move your character as well from region to region or even just city to city. There was various Role Play Organizations within the game, one of which was the CyberCitizens Catholic Church or CCCC for short. The CCCC mimicked the real-world Catholic Church structure and setup and grew from the initial Diocese of Rome (Bishop of Rome, aka the Pope) and priests throughout the CyberCitizens universe to having several Archdioceses and Dioceses scattered throughout the universe of the game.

My first character, which by the way, your characters aged in the game x number of days for each real day and therefore you kind of had to play daily so that you didnít log on and your character had died, was a priest, the first one in New York City. To read all about Shadrach/Fabian, please see his Biography as written by his great nephew, His Excellency Archbishop Julian Gomez-Diego of New York.

Cyber Nations
Another very similar game as it is also a browser based game is Cyber Nations, The difference while not completely different is that instead of playing as a single, individual citizen, you play as a nation. Both games allowed you to earn funds, go to war, attack other players, and invest in the economy. You could create your own businesses and seek out financers from other players or be the sole investor and own 100 percent of your company. Cyber Nations is still active, so if youíre into political browser games, then this is the one for you!

USA SimMy second favorite political simulation that Iíve played was US Sim the Great Experiment, a PbEM US Government Simulation. When you signed up and were approved you created a character for either the Republican, Democrat, or Independent parties and role played that character as a Senator from one of the fifty states. The pros that US Sim had of course was that it was fun to pretend that you were a US Senator and that you got to help write the laws of the land. The cons of the sim was that it was sometime slow, it could be chaotic as everyone is human and they have personalities that came into conflict with others ideologies and they didnít always mesh. To my knowledge, itís still active, just not very.

Another one just like USA Sim is United States Government Simulation USGS for short, and it currently active. USGS differs slightly, okay drastically from USA Sim in the fact that they use political capital, have active elections for your characters, your characters have to campaign and participate, which forces you to have a more active simulation. I participated briefly but was more interested in enjoying the simulation experience and watched the happenings of USGS as a simulation.

S Adam Day

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