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Deryni Fandom? Wow, a very, very unique niche in the world of Fantasy Fiction Fandom. If you look up Deryni on a website with hundreds of fandom genres there is actually a small number of resources available for true fans of Katherine Kurtz’s world of the Eleven Kingdoms and the Deryni. The Eleven Kingdoms and the Deryni are set in a time that mimics the real-worlds medieval ages rife with magic, battles with knights in armor, and priests burning Deryni at the stake for being heretics.

There truly has never been a major concerted effort to have a “Deryni” Fan Association like you see in the world of Star Trek®, Star Wars®, Doctor Who, V, or you get the point, most other genres of Science and Fantasy Fiction have some quite major Fan Associations, most of which mimic the basic structure from the genre in some form or fashion. Until 2005 when three fans came together to form Gwynedd Rising, a Deryni Fan Association. It was very short lived as it quickly proved that due to the structure and mechanics of how the Kingdoms are setup in the series it wasn’t very adaptable and closed down by the end of 2005.

Gwynedd Rising Logo
There are however several resources available to fans for fan fiction, both in the opportunity to write and have it published and to just sit back and enjoy it as well. One of the longest running sources is The Airsid Network found at They have a vast collection of Fan Fiction and provide you the opportunity to submit your own Deryni Fan Fiction as well.

The absolute best and ultimate resource Deryni however is of course Katherine Kurtz’s website Deryni net allows you to find out everything Deryni you’ve ever wanted to know… how to pronounce those Celtic sounding names, everything about the books, and more. The site is also a general resource for all of Katherine’s works of fiction, fan fiction links for them as well, and even links to find out the general genealogy questions you have from the series. The site has a plethora of information and knowledge, so visit it today and begin your lifelong love of the Deryni today!

Another great resource for everything Deryni is Dhassa, which is named for the Free City found in the series at You can find such information as the Deryni Codex, the basics on the characters in the series, the geography of the series, and quotes found in the series. You can also find out information on the books, conventions, and more.

If your niche is writing fan fiction, or simply reading fan fiction, visit the article on the "Deryni Archives" a fan published magazine all about Deryni Fan Fictioin, articles, stories, artwork, music, and poems. You can find them at There are currently 20 issues published with the 21st issue in the works to visit the artile today if you enjoy writing fan fiction, or if you simply want to just sit back and enjoy the publication by reading.

If you’re one of those fans that likes the details behind the series then you need to visit the Genealogies of the XI Kingdoms, which details the basic genealogies behind the characters in the series and takes it a step further to explain the discrepancies in the facts as presented in the books and the Codex. You can find the Genealogies at View them til you’re hearts content and enjoy the level of thought and care placed into building the background for the series.

The last great resource is the Library at Rhemueth Castle at, which doesn’t provide information so much that is specific to the Deryni, but more to the era and time period. You can find some detailed information about the churches, weapons, and horses of the medieval time.

S Adam Day

This page was last updated: April 24, 2015 by Red Earth, PLP