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ComputerPicYou can Contact The Online Home of S. Adam Day in many ways, due in large part of course to todays information highway, the internet. We can be found on several social media networking sites, we have several email accounts that you can contact us at, you can comment on a post in the Daily Journal/Blog, or if you simply wish, you may jot down a note on an old fashion piece of paper and send us a letter through the US Mail Service.

You can contact the Webmaster of our Website at to send questions, comments, or concerns regarding the layout & design, or even the content if you wish.

You can contact Adam, the brains and of course the reason behind this website at to send questions, commments, praise, or critiques regarding the content, his thoughts, artwork, or Literary works if you wish.

To send comments regarding the Literary Adventures of S. Adam Day, please send them to the following lings so that we can always make sure that the comments are directed towards Adam in regards to the specific book or books:

  • For Life's Journey: An Epic Tale, please direct your comments, questions, or concerns to, please put your Name as the Subject Line so we can sort and process your comments.
  • For Passion's of Two-Spirits, please direct your comments, questions, or concerns to, please put your Name as the Subject Line so we can sort and process your comments.
  • For The Prophecies of Urasia, please director your comments, questions, or concerns to, please put your Name as the Subject Line so we can sort an dprocess your comments.

You can concact the Website's Graphic Artist for questions regarding the Website's Artwork at

OldFashionPaperYou can direct old fashion United States Postal paper mail to: S. Adam Day, P.O. Box 228, Perryton, TX 79070. We love receive paper mail as Adam's a little on the old fashion side and personally loves the feel of a good book between his hands, ironic, we know as he's doing E-Publishing at the moment.

For those of you who are living in the modern age, Adam can be found on several Social Media Networking sites. Please feel free to contact him there as well!

FacebookHis favorite of the Social Media sites, and of course the one that he's on the most and one of the most popular/unpopular (depending on how you view it) is FACEBOOK. He spends a considerable amount of time on it daily, reading news, bulletins, and just catching up in general with his friends and family. He was at one time, many, many years ago now active with Myspace as well, but honestly doesn't remember his login credentials so it has gone to the wayside. You can find him at

GmailAdam has several Gmail Accounts that he utilizes and strives to keep them seperate, professional from personal. However, if you wish to contact him, please see the above listings for Email Accounts to contact him via his website's private email. Contacting him through his website will be much faster if it's specifically related to the content found here in

WordpressFinally one of the greatest inventions since the Internet, Wordpress. Well, not necessarily true for some, but Adam enjoys using his Wordpress Blog both for helping him stay on track with his novels and as a personal journal. He worked dilegently once to keep a "Dream Journal" where he recorded his dreams every morning upon waking, but found it difficult. Getting him back into the groove of Blogging will also be difficult I'm sure, but we'll stay after him to keep it going. You can of course find his Journal/Blog at We hope you enjoy reading and remember one of Adam's Favorite Quotes: "Peace to You and Yours!"

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