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OklahomaWell, let's see. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 2, 1974. The Doctor that delivered me, was an Intern at the hospital and three and a half years later, while a resident at another hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, delivered my little brother. I have brown curls that most women spend hundreds of dollars to get, of which I get from both sides of the family and the most beautiful sky blue eyes.

Taurus SignSince I was born on May 2 that makes me a Taurus, which I fit 100%, all of the time. My favorite colors are browns, oranges, and greens, of which both green and brown are the colors of Earth, which Taurus falls under and May's birthstone is Emeralds, which has always been my favorite!

Those born under the Zodiac Sign Taurus (Vrushabha), the second Sign of the Zodiac calendar, focus on the rewards they would get for their efforts and hard-work, and would not plunge headlong into the challenge of the game without thinking through it. Symbolized by the Bull, the Taurus natives are down to earth and display a no-nonsense approach, often only saying what they really mean.

Practical, stable and reliable, the Taurus prefer to take each day as it comes and march towards their goals slowly but steadily. Their strength is in their stability, loyalty and dogged determination. It takes a lot to deviate a Taurus from his path and make him lose his focus. The Taurus want to reach their final destination, and they will!

But, the Taurus are averse to taking risks, and certainly are never rash. The reason number one – the Bulls are security lovers – their security net is paramount to them. Reason number two – they are lazy and have an inherent need to hold on to their possessions. So, all in all a Bull likes to play a safe game. Well, that is not such a bad thing always, though this tendency may stop them from going all out and having fun.

These security-loving souls like to be rooted to their environment, work, home or opinions. Others may call it their stubbornness, but the Taurus prefer to call it the need to guard their stability. This makes their mind closed to new ideas and radical changes. But, this doesn’t stop them from giving their best to whatever they undertake. Thus, they may be stubborn and headstrong, they also possess a dogged determination that’s so rarely seen elsewhere in the Zodiac. No wonder, the Bulls rarely buckle under pressure and adversity. They prefer to be in a rather Zen-like peace. Don’t mistake them to be withdrawn, though. Do you have a special Taurus in your life, or are you a Taurus yourself? Here is a word of advice! Know them (or yourself) inside out, and see how your equation improves (even with the self) dramatically! Get a Natal Chart based, personalized reading – Janampatri or the higher version like Life Prediction Detailed.

Usually, the Taurus are extremely patient and dependable. But when annoyed, the Taurus will rage and turn ferocious and unstoppably angry. Sure, they are temperamental, but once the thunder dies down, they also prove to be the sloppiest of sentimentalists. They are also quick to regain their Buddha-like stance, almost as if nothing happened!

The Bulls also carry a very strong sense of values and possess a distinct personality. Besides, they are very artistic and sometime very musical too. The good life in all its forms – the fine arts, music, good food, physical pleasures and material goods are heaven on Earth to the Taurus-born. If you closely observe a Taurus, you will see that their possessions speak highly of the need to own the best. This is not to say that they are self-centered individuals, but materialistic they are. Plus, family lovers that they are, the Bulls also ensure that the things they do or possess make their near and dear ones happy.

Overall speaking, most Taurus natives are excellent individuals. However, their stubbornness, combined with their trademark laziness, can create problems they may find difficult to deal with. Often they make little or no effort to change the situation they are around them. Hence, they may find themselves in similar kinds of situation again and again. But if they focus on their unique talents through Chart your Destiny report – a completely personalized predictions basis one’s birth details – and follow the advice given by expert astrologers, they can surely make the most of their abilities.

The life partner a Taurus chooses bears a strong impact on the personality of the Taurus. Thus, they need to find someone, who will give them the much-desired stability. Usually, Taurus-Taurus, Taurus-Capricorn, Taurus-Libra and Taurus-Virgo make for good life partners. Check out Taurus Compatibility with other Signs to find out the kind of relationship a Taurus will share with other Signs.

Now, my favorite cologne is Memorize by Avon, I am an avid reader of historical and science fiction novels as well as recently of vampire novels and enjoy listening to pop music. I have been an avid computer gamer since 1989 and love playing RPGs, Strategy, and Simulation games. I'm a published poet, author, and artist and to this day, still paint, draw, and sculpt and am in the process of writing three novels.

S Adam Day

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