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S Adam DayLife is and always will be what you make of it. Each of us on this earth leads a different one and has experiences that make each of us unique in our own way. Mine, while probably similar to a lot of young children, is unique as well. Growing up, I experienced what I call my own "Trial of Tribulation". It was a defining experience for me, one that many have gone through and I am a stronger person for it today.

I got involved at a very early age with the American Red Cross and at seventeen became a certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor or WSI and at eighteen became a certified First Aid and Safety Instructor. I volunteered my time teaching for over fifteen years before retiring in 2006. While a volunteer for the Red Cross, I served in various capacities including on the Board of Directors for the Ochiltree County Chapter of the American Red Cross, Secretary of the Board, Chairman of the Health & Safety Committee, Co-Chairman of the Human Resources Committee, and even on the State of Texas Red Cross Board of Technology.

As an Adult in Perryton, I became involved with my High School Alma Materís Marching Band program as a Band Booster and served in the Perryton Band Boosters for four years and loved every minute of it! While a Booster, I was Vice President, twice and even served as the Web Master of the Boosterís website.

Growing up, I had a passion for many types of fiction ranging from Historical to Fantasy and in 1992 began writing in one of my favorite mediums, Star Trek® Fan Fiction when I joined STARFLEET: An International Fan Association. I later joined another one of my favorite fictional mediums, an Anne McCaffrey Fan Fiction Writer's Club and began writing Pern© Fan Fiction as well. Over the years of developing characters in both environments, I began to have a desire to create my own universe where there were no rules to my writing, nor any restrictions placed upon what had happened or what was to happen.

JaylaI moved back to Texas in 1996 following the death of my grandmother and have never once tried to hide who I was, most people assume that I'm gay, rarely does anyone ask before they've assumed. I've had several unsuccessful relationships and have begun to wonder if I'm even relationship material. I live at home alone, my beautiful baby girl Jayla Anne passed on from this world on April 5, 2017 at 10:29 in my arms. I love you Jayla and may you rest in peace my beautiful baby girl. I recently adopted a rescue dog, my new fur baby is a male Chihuahua, Chico. Heís not Jayla and is still a puppy but I love the companionship.

I worked for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. from 1993 until 1996, when I moved back to Texas and for Waterhole 83 from 1996 until 2001 when I left to go to work at Pak-A-Sak. I worked for Pak-A-Sak from 2001 until 2003 and in 2003 I began another journey in my life. Up to that point, I had only worked in the Retail/Convenience Store industry for 10 years and in 2003, I went to work for High Plains Pizza, Inc. at the Perryton Pizza Hut. I was employed with HPPI from 2003 until 2011, when I left to start yet another journey in my life (or so I thought), to find my personal happiness. I was Assistant Manager of the Year, twice, and have been and RGM since 2008. While I love my job, I can't say that I have been loving my life. I was in a career limbo for about a year before I went back to Pizza Hut in 2012 and was there until 2013 when we parted ways unwillingly.

I have since moved on from working in the restaurant business. My goal is to become a fulltime author sometime soon.

S Adam Day

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